Adaptable Floating Station
Adaptable Floating Station
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Adaptable Floating Station

updatedAug 25, 2022

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Floating stations made of various materials and adapted to provide services such as energy and housing.
Floating stations made of various materials and adapted to provide services such as energy and housing.

Initially deployed as amphibious structures made of adapted shipping containers or wooden pallets, wire, and thousands of recycled plastic bottles, to support areas suscetipble to storm flooding damage. Currently, the concept is being developed with other floating variants. Designed to move along water bodies and adapt according to the weather, emerging prototypes include floating power plants, hydrogen charging stations for electric boats, and recycling terminals.

Regardless of the purpose given to floating stations, they all share a common infrastructure. The base is made of a platform that provides about twice the container's floor space and contains inner tubes that rise up depending on buoyancy, thus moving with water level rises.

Latest developments suggest floating stations are headed towards self-sufficiency, with greenhouses, living quarters with support facilities, and recycling terminals included as standard. Other examples, not intended to sustain life, include a gas supply marine vessel, and a solar photovoltaic station, which would stock energy destined to shorelines, as well as a 5G floating base.

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