Translating Earbud
Translating Earbud
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Translating Earbud

updatedOct 14, 2022

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A wireless earbud that simultaneously translates conversations almost in real-time.
A wireless earbud that simultaneously translates conversations almost in real-time.

This wireless earbud technology allows users to transfer spoken words from different languages to the user's language of preference. The oral inputs pass through the cloud or offline, where the hardware processes the messages through speech recognition, neural machine translation, and speech synthesis. The earbud then reproduces the translated sentence in the user's language almost in real-time.

Gender Equality


  • Calibration of the device (sound waves, volume, etc.) might be more harmful to women than to men, primarily if men are used as the model for designing the earbud.

  • People, especially women, lacking access to technological resources such as energy, smartphones, or the internet, might be excluded from using this technology, enhancing the digital divide.


  • Promotes the integration of women of different cultures, in business or non-business settings.

  • The opportunity to include gender-positive language within the system could be used to downgrade women in business settings, by alleviating sexist rhetoric.

  • It could offer benefits for illiterate women in accessing and scaling business models, job opportunities, and even access to a wider range of content, thus democratizing the access to healthcare, especially for rural women.

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